About ENDEX Capital Management

A Boutique Investment Manager of U.S. Equities

ENDEX Capital Management was formed in 1997 by Robert F. Marchesi, founder of DeMarche Associates, Inc., members of the Marchesi family, and Jeffrey L. Hoffman, CEO from 1997-2015.  ENDEX continues to be an affiliate of DeMarche.

The founders utilized proprietary research in market phase and company factor analysis in collaboration with Robert Haugen, Ph.D., previously an independent academic advisor to our firm.

This website is updated quarterly for institutional investors and consultants.   Investors should not rely on historical performance results as an indication of future performance.

Meet The ENDEX Team

Timothy Marchesi, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Eddie Stewart

Assistant Portfolio Manager

Peg VanWagoner

Relationship Manager

Ryan Pickert

Client Development